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Hi, I'm Viola

Welcome to my vegan kitchen, where I share delightful plant-based recipes designed to please every palate. With over a decade of vegan experience, I’m passionate about creating simple yet scrumptious dishes.

My recipes focus on whole, minimally processed ingredients, ensuring a healthy and accessible approach to vegan cooking worldwide. You’ll find pantry staples from every corner of the globe, making these recipes easy to enjoy no matter where you are.

I believe in a balanced vegan diet, rich in protein, healthy fats, and nourishing carbohydrates. Each recipe embodies this philosophy, offering a taste of the vibrant world of plant-based cuisine.

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just beginning your journey, explore my collection and savor the flavors of plant-based living with me!

…And remember, don’t read recipes like a bible 😉 Feel free to make your own version and use my recipes as a guideline to start with. And always remember to taste while cooking to get it exactly as you like!

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soup and stews

soups and stews Embrace the heartwarming comfort of plant-based soups and stews. Discover the ease and versatility of these recipes, perfect for both lunch and

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vegan Vietnamese noodle salad recipe


vegan salads Join me in celebrating the vibrant world of salads! From light to hearty, sweet to savory, discover an array of mouthwatering vegan salad

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Smooth Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe


vegan breakfast Energize your day with my enticing vegan breakfast recipes. These morning delights not only jumpstart your metabolism but also provide the fuel needed

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vegan spinach mushroom pasta recipe

lunch and dinner

lunch and dinner Explore my curated selection of wholesome vegan lunch and dinner recipes. Discover nutritious plant-based meals that prioritize natural ingredients, while minimizing processed

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vegan cashew cream cheese recipe

dips and dressings

dips and dressings Explore my vegan dips and dressings, crafted to elevate your meals with homemade, natural flavors. From creamy hummus to zesty vinaigrettes, these

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vegan mac and cheese recipe


kid-friendly recipes Discover delightful and nutritious vegan recipes that even the pickiest eaters, kids, and those new to plant-based foods will relish. These dishes are

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