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35 vegan dip recipes
  • You will get a PDF (35MB) file

Discover the art of plant-based cuisine with 35 delectable dip recipes and 6 menu ideas.

With over 12 years of vegan expertise and 30 years of vegetarianism, I’ve crafted these recipes to unite flavor and adaptability. These versatile dips elevate gatherings and cater to every palate, from mild to spicy.

Join me in this e-book journey, where simple yet vibrant creations allow you to dazzle your loved ones.

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Minea Riste
7 months ago

Absolutely adore these recipes! I might be a bit biased since I have tasted some of them already but these dips are mouthwatering!! I have very obvious top 3 choices I could eat all day every day which are the chili-coriander dip with pretty much anything, the dill dip with any kind of potatoes or sides, and the tahini dip with falafel!

I got the book downloaded on my computer and phone and its so easy to check when in need to find a recipe.

Heidi Roschier
7 months ago

Just received my e-book. Can’t wait to make these delicious dips. Love the variety of different flavors from many kitchens around the world. This will spice up my daily cookings. Especially since I love sauces and dips! Definitely will find my new favorites here! Also will let my vegan friends know about this gem! 🙌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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