Tasty Vegan Life

Simple homemade plant-based recipes


I have always been an animal lover. I grew up with cats, I tried to help wounded birds or was feeding cat food to hedgehogs in our yard… 

I also grew up as a meat-eater. I was a typical child who wanted to eat meatballs or pasta bolognese and wasn’t a big fan of vegetables.

At the age of 11, I accidentally saw a clip shared by an animal advocacy organization. There was a baby lamb at the slaughterhouse. I can still remember the horror and pain in her eyes. At that moment I knew I couldn’t be part of that cruelty. I was holding and kissing my cat and didn’t understand why people eat lambs but not cats. They were equals in my 11 year old mind. And they still are.

So I became a vegetarian.


I was happy being a vegetarian for several years. I didn’t miss meat at all.

Shame to admit – I didn’t think there was anything wrong with using dairy products or eggs. I thought milk just comes naturally from the cows and we just help them by milking. And chickens just lay so many eggs daily it would be crazy not to use them. Oh boy, how blind was I…

One day I was chatting with my sister who had just turned vegan. It didn’t take a lot to open my eyes. I started researching the dairy industry and quickly realized that the meat and dairy industry walk hand in hand. Seeing how cows were making babies one after another and then babies stealing from their mamas so that we could drink milk made me feel sick. Ignorance is bliss like they say, and the meat and dairy industry have been doing a great job hiding the truth.

When I became vegetarian I was the only girl at my school not eating meat. When I became vegan, most of the people didn’t even know what vegan means. Luckily the world and knowledge is changing.


I can’t remember the exact time when I started to love cooking. When I moved away from home at the age of 18 I didn’t know how to cook at all. I knew what salt and pepper were, but other than that using spices was just like walking in a street with your eyes closed. 

I slowly started to learn to cook more and more but I think the biggest change happened when I turned to a plant-based diet. I was so used to cover my food with cream or cheese it was mind blowing to actually taste the ingredients in a new way. I started to enjoy the vegetables like never before and started to taste which spices work best with each different dish. 

Cooking feels like therapy to me and kitchen is my happy place 🙂


How to eat vegan

“I never knew vegan food could be so good….” “Can you send me that recipe…” “I didn’t even miss meat when eating this!” “Please can you make that recipe again?”

These are just a few examples of the questions I have received during the past couple of years. When I realized I rarely want to go to a restaurant because homemade food was tasting better and when I started receiving more and more questions about my recipes, I thought it would be best to gather those in one place.

As much as I love to see all of the new vegan food options nowadays I try to keep most of my recipes whole-food plant-based. I try to avoid having too much processed ingredients and to focus on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. Not only for health benefits, but I know not all have access to special ingredients or would like to make more affordable meals.


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